What are the most important things to live near in Montgomery County 2022

Kevin Grolig
Kevin Grolig
Published on August 3, 2022

If you are considering relocating to Montgomery county, Maryland, and you want to know what are the most important things to live near in 2022, then this article is perfect for you.

If you want to find the right neighbourhood for you and your family, there are a couple questions you need to be asking yourself. How close is it to work? How close is it to schools? How are the schools shopping restaurants, and public transportation? We’re gonna discuss the six things that you should take into consideration when choosing a neighbourhood and choosing a house. 

  1. Proximity to public transportation, as well as a major commuting route.

If you’re not from the DC area, I’m gonna let the cat out of the bag, the traffic around here ain’t that great. So I’m gonna give you a few hacks and tips to get around the traffic for just about everybody who either lives in the DC area or is considering moving to the DC area. Commuting is definitely something to take into consideration. One of the things in considering a community or considering an area is its proximity to public transportation in Montgomery county. We do have the Metro, which will take you from different parts of Montgomery county to other parts of Montgomery county, as well as into Washington DC and Northern Virginia. So there’s no question that if you’re living in Montgomery county, looking to commute into Washington, DC, it probably will be important to look for areas that are close to the Metro stop. Also, other options are the mark train. The mark train runs from Brunswick, Maryland, all the way into union station in Washington, DC with many stops along the way. If public transportation is not that important to you, I would tell you to keep an eye on the major commuter routes. To me, it’s always important to be close to major commuter routes. Whether that be I two 70, route 355, Sam IG highway, or the ICC 495, there are many large commuter routes that it’s important to stay close to just so that you can get in around and even out of town. 

  1. Proximity to schools and daycares.

Maryland is very well known for its school system. There are a lot of great schools in Montgomery county, but you want to check into which boundaries, and which schools may be best for you. All these options are available to find online, as well as the proximity bus routes and things like that. Not only should you do your research on the school district and on certain schools, but it’s also important to consider. Do you want your kids to be able to walk to school with, or without you, or are you open to considering them being bused to school? Once again, no rights, no wrongs, but things to consider. If you have younger kids where some of the local daycares, Montgomery county has a lot of daycares available. So you might want to check that out as well. 

  1. Parks and recreational areas.

Now I’ve done a lot of videos on some of the outdoor places that I love in Montgomery county. But once again, what is your lifestyle like? Do you guys like hiking, and biking, or are you more into cultural things, museums, shopping, entertainment, and things like that? All of that is available in Montgomery county. When it comes to outdoor places to enjoy. I love areas like great falls, national park, black Hills, regional park, as well as Sugarloaf mountain and many other places. Once again, you might wanna check out some of my other videos to see my favourite outdoor places in Montgomery county when it comes to cultural places like museums. Obviously, there’s plenty of that in Washington, DC, but you can also find that in Montgomery county as well, when it comes to recreational areas, there’s plenty to do in Montgomery county. Also, you’ve got the Maryland soccer Plex, which is located in Germantown, Maryland. There’s an archery range, BMX bike trail, and all sorts of things there. Awesome place to check out. 

  1. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and other places to find necessary amenities.

One of the nice things about being in Montgomery county is pretty much wherever you are. It’s easy to find a lot of choices. When it comes to grocery stores, our largest grocery store chain is gonna be giant, but we also have Safeways and we have places like trader Joe’s, whole foods and we have Wegmans. So when it comes to groceries, you should have no problem there. As far as pharmacies go, many of the large stores will have their own pharmacies, but you’ll also find places like Rite aid, CVS and Walgreens in Montgomery county. I also should mention that along with pharmacies, Montgomery county, Maryland has a lot of great hospitals. There’s a suburban hospital in Bethesda. There’s a holy cross hospital in silver spring and a new holy cross hospital in Germantown. There’s the MedStar hospital in all new Maryland, as well as the shady Grove at Venice hospital in Rockville, Maryland. So while nobody wants to think about getting sick or getting hurt, there’s no question that we have top-rate medical facilities, all in Montgomery county, Maryland.

  1. Dining options

I like better than being able to walk to nice dining as well as being able to get an adult beverage every now and then Montgomery county is loaded with many great restaurants from fine dining to cheap eats as well as many ethical options as well.

6. Entertainment venues in Montgomery county. 

There are many options and choices when it comes to movie theatres, concert halls or other musical venues. What we’re starting to find when it comes to movies is most of the movie theatres are moving towards the more luxury end where you get the reclining chairs, waiter and waitress services, as well as fully stocked bars. I like the idea these days when I go to a movie theatre of knowing exactly where I’m gonna sit, I’ve got my own reserve spot, nice comfy chair backs up reclined. I may even have a fuzzy blanket, with one click of a button.I get the waiter and waitress coming, bringing me my popcorn. Just the way I like it with a tall, cool beverage. When it comes to concert halls, the Strathmore is my absolute favourite. The acoustics are unbelievable. I’ve seen such acts as the Philharmonic comedies with Joan Rivers. I’ve also seen such acts like Brian Adams, as well as the Beatles tribute band. No matter what the genre is. It never disappoints. When it comes to more like rock or country reggae, R&B, or maybe even hip hop. I love the Fillmore in silver spring. You can find many up-and-coming acts that come through the Fillmore as well as many of the classic acts, maybe from the eighties, nineties and early 2000. There are also many other venues where you can go see live music and events in Montgomery county. But as we all know, if you want to just take a short trip to Washington, DC, the world is your oyster with all these benefits, it’s easy to see why living near all these amenities is so important.

If you are looking for a new place to live, be sure to check into how close the local public transportation is to you. You want to check into the schools, daycares, parks, entertainment, all of these things. And if you already live in a great location, tell your family and friends about it. So there you have it, the six most important things to consider living near Montgomery county. What do you think is the most important? 

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