Is Downsizing a Good Idea in Retirement?

Kevin Grolig
Kevin Grolig
Published on August 25, 2022

So you are ready for retirement. You might be thinking is downsizing a good idea for me?

While there are some definite benefits such as freeing up some money and simplifying one’s life. Downsizing can also be stressful and difficult. Ultimately depends on your personal circumstances and retirement goals. Some retirees may find that downsizing is the best option for them while others may prefer to stay in their current home. There are a few key things to keep in mind when considering downsizing and today we’re gonna cover them. In this video. There are eight key things that you should consider when downsizing and we’re gonna cover all eight of them in today’s video. 

Number one, downsizing in retirement really can be a great way to simplify your life. Number two, piggybacks on simplification. You’ll be able to get rid of a lot of the stuff that’s weighing you down. That’s taking up space and let’s face it as they say, you can’t take it with you. I say, give the kids one month to get their crap out of there. Otherwise it goes up for donation sale or the trash number three, you can use some of the extra money saved by having less space to do some of the things you always wanted to do, like hobbies and travel. Number four. Downsizing also allows you the opportunity maybe to meet new people who have similar interests. Like you. Number five, downsizing is a great way to stay active and involved in your community, especially for those of you considering maybe an over 55 community where you’re gonna have activities as well as people that have similar interests. As you, number six, you’ll have more time and energy to spend time with family and friends.

You won’t be weighed down from all the responsibilities of that larger, bigger home that probably needs decluttering and definitely is gonna need some repairs. Number seven. It’s a great way to relieve stress and to live a healthier lifestyle. Once again, less time involving yourself with the home and the maintenance and things like that, to really focus on you and the things that are important to you in leading a good, healthy long life. Number eight downsizing is a good way to stay connected with your roots. Not only does downsizing allow you to potentially get involved with new groups and hobbies and maybe travel, but it also helps you get more involved with some of the things that are important to you. We all have a rooting system, things like your church or other civic associations that you’re involved with. You’ll have more time once again, less worry about the house, less worry about your kids and everything else.

And more time involved with the things that are important to you. So in conclusion, downsizing, while either in retirement or preparing for retirement can be an awesome way to really lighten your load. You’ll have the opportunity to get rid of all that crap that you’ve been holding onto for years. And you can use all that extra money to enjoy time on travel and hobbies. And as I mentioned, downsizing is a great way to not only get new friends, but reacquaint, maybe with old friends and get more involved in your community. Have you considered downsizing in your retirement? If not, maybe it’s time to give it some thought. Let me know what you think in the comments section below. 

If you live in the DMV area and you’re considering downsizing, you may want to check out my free downsizing guide by clicking in the description box below. Also feel free to hit me up by text at 240-793-7 495. 

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